Hey Guys!

Sarah talkin’! Caeden and I, we made a new site! We changed it alot and made it better! More freedom, you could say! You’ll really enjoy it. If you made an account here, your account was transferred. If you didn’t, you can register on the new site! Here it is:




I feel bad

I will miss yall… we might openĀ  new one… unlikely tho


this website is deleted.. sorry for the inconvience

Closing Site

We are closing! We were spammed.

Free Chat


This chat is free. Please dont abuse this one.

New Theme

Solipsus. Thats what our new theme is. If you have a wordpress, check the themes out and find it. Soooo… yeah. Now you can chillax and have a smoothie



preteen paradise is up and running again!!

Sarah Says: I took a break. Im back…Caeden Changed The Theme. Thanks, Caeden,

NOTE TO MIDSUMMER: No one else read (Little Miss Nosy included)

I know you wanted an avatar (ORDERED) and I promised I’d do it when I got home last night.

A) I forgot which avatar you wanted.

B) I couldnt do the avatar

C) I took the coins from your account

I have given you 300 extra coins to replace the damage, and the avatar is free. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We have 3 new members

Names are CheerGirl11, Midsummer, and 70speaceout

you can find out more about them on their profile. PS Midsummers pretty funny.

They thanks you!!

Idea Post

Ideas? Comment here and tell us!

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